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Chapter 3 to Psycho! This was written by the both of us and we hope you enjoy the chapter! :)

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I'm sorry to bother you but like I want to post a selfie because I dyed my hair and everything but my last selfie got 0 notes and this one won't get more should I do it anyways?

No, you’re no bother! And of course you should! It shouldn’t matter if it gets notes or not. If you want to show the world your new hair color, then show the world your new hair color! I’m sure it looks amazing! :)

I don't know if your still doing ships. But if you are my name's Lehua.

I ship you with Calum Hood!

How you met: You were 5 Seconds of Summer’s opening act for their headline tour. You and the boys loved to pull pranks on each other so it was no surprise when you found all of your belts and shoe laces tied together. “Guys!” you yelled at the top of your lungs. You were pissed! You had to be on stage in just a few minutes and you didn’t have a belt or any shoes on. The boys immediately came running when they heard your angry tone. “Since you guys are the ones who did this, you are going to be the ones who untie them. I have to go on in a few minutes and I need a belt and a pair of shoes so I suggest you get started.” you said I impatiently causing the boys to jump right on it. The first belt and matching pair of shoes that you got, you immediately threw on and headed out to the stage just a couple minutes late. “Sorry I’m late everyone! The boys tied my belts and shoes together but I’m here! Now who’s ready to rock!?” you said into the microphone causing the arena to erupt into cheers. You knew in your head that this meant war and mentally told yourself that you were going to get them back when they least expected it.

can I have a ship too? please please! my name is Valentina:) I ship you with ashton btw

Of course you can! And awe thanks! I ship you with Luke Hemmings!

How you met: You and Luke met at a Blink-182 concert that your friend dragged you to. You were a fan of their music but you just had too much going on that you didn’t want to go to the concert. It turns out that you ended up enjoying the concert and your friend knew that you would. That was he reason why she took you: so that you could forget everything around you for a little while. You were having fun just jumping around and singing along to their songs until you accidentally stepped on someone’s foot. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!” you exclaimed loud enough for the stranger to hear you. “No, it’s fine! It doesn’t even hurt!” he said just as loud. “I’m Luke!” “Valentina!” “Well, Valentina, would you like to dance crazy with me?” “I’d love to!” And that was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Hello my name is Adrianna :)

I ship you with Calum Hood!

How you met: You and Calum were partners in corm back in the day. You still are. The boys know to stay cautious when the two of you are around because they know that you guys will be up to something. But when the two of you are fighting is never a good sign. It causes tension in the air with the whole band just because their two best friends are fighting. “I hate you!” you yelled after one of your very few fights. You knew you didn’t mean it but it was just in the heat of the moment. “You don’t mean that.” Calum whispered brokenly. “I do! I hate you so much!” you yelled again, not realizing that what you have said has broken Calum. You were suddenly pinned against the wall with Calum’s lips against yours in a passionate kiss. “Really? Because I love you. I love you so much dammit!” he whispered against your lips after he pulled away from the kiss. “I love you, too, Cal.” you confessed before bringing him into another kiss. You were glad to finally get that off of your chest.

hi my name is madie but I was kind of wondering if you could maybe ship me with michael clifford if you maybe wanted to? idk sorry

Sure! And your names actually sound good together so I do ship you with Michael Clifford!

How you met: You and Michael have been together for quite some time now but before the two of you started your relationship, you guys have been close friends. So close that it always seemed that you two were dating. You were even each other’s first kiss! Now, everyone would go up to the two of you and say something like “I knew you two would end up together!” but it never did bother you guys because deep down you guys knew it too. “Hey Michael?” you randomly asked one day. “Yeah?” he replied while playing with your hair. “What do you think would happen if we never would have become friends?” you asked again curiously. “I don’t know but I sure as hell never want to find out.” he said causing you to smile. “Good because I don’t either.” you replied, giving him a sweet kiss.

Heyy, could i be shipped please lovely? My name's Maisy :)

Sure thing! I ship you with Ashton Irwin!

How you met: You and Ashton met at a club. You were in the party mood so what better place to party then at a club right? You were on the dance floor when all of the sudden an unwanted stranger was grinding on you. Ashton, noticing the discomfort on your face, walks over to the two of you. “Hey! What the hell do you think you’re doing? Get your hands off my girlfriend!” Ashton yelled at the drunk stranger while giving you the “play along” look. You quickly release yourself from the stranger’s grip and ran over to the unknown boy that was helping you, giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Thank goodness you were here baby! I was so scared, I didn’t know what to do!” you said, playing along. “Come on, let’s get out of here.” he said, wrapping his arm around you and pulling you out of the club. “Thank you for that. I’m Maisy! And you are?” you asked, thanking him for saving you from that situation. “I’m Ashton.” he said with a smile. This was a moment that you would never forget.


This is so important

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Hey JJ, i just needed someone to vent to for a second. I've been feeling so alone lately. So alone, i just don't know if i can handle this anymore. This isn't the life i wanted, everything is so messed up. I'm just so sad all the time. i hate who i am. i don't have any friends, i guess i'll just die alone.

No, don’t say that! I know this is really cheesy but it gets better as you go through life. Trust me! I always thought I was going to end up alone, too, until I found my current boyfriend of 6 months. He is the longest boyfriend I’ve had while the other two didn’t even last a month! Everything may be messed up now but if you hang in there just a little longer, you’ll end up on the right path! I promise! :)